My Manhood On The Tripod

8 Oct

Katie and Michelle write and record a parody of a scene from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar,

Andy, You Killed Her!

15 May

Andy pierces me and Sonia; Sonia passes out.

I Said Everything

30 Apr

Katie and Jeff perform a Baskin Robbin’s banana split experiment.

Oh Yeah, Baseball Game…

1 Apr

Katie and Steve go to the Dodger game; Katie discovers she needs commentators to make her focus.

Taking Over The World, One Chip at a Time

11 Mar

Friend Katie and Friend Tom are going to take over the world. The chips are coming.

She’ll Eat It If It’s Melted!

27 Feb

Sonia and Andy discuss my cheese-eating habits.

And Then We Got Kicked Out

27 Feb

Hope gets us kicked out of a bar during her visit to Portland.

Names Changed* Now Open

25 Feb

Names Changed* officially opens to the internet. It may be broken still.